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squAIR-timber® system.

squAIR-timber® skids

in air cargo

self-adhesive lightweight skids

In terms of performance, squAIR-timber sets standards. Extensively loaded, one meter of the new material carries up to 5 tons with a net weight of only 1.2 kilogrammes per meter. Talking of wood, the own weight is 3-4 kilogrammes per meter.

self-adhesive lightweight skids
80% lighter than wood


lighter than wood

125 kg weight savings

125 kg

weight savings

15 minutes time savings


minutes time savings

10 t static load capacity

10 t

static load capacity

The practice

The systems framework basic and advanced were developed espacially for the ULD build up in F-contour. The construction saves compared to wooden pallets per ULD:

15 minutes and 125 kg weight!

If squAIR-timber skids are used seperate as a "square wood-substitute" they have a load capacity of up to 10.000 kg. To use as a pallet skid they are optionally available with adhesive hotmelt coating.

squAIR-timber® - the practice

In practice, the squAIR-timber lightweight solution is tailored for every user according to his requirements. In this example: DB-Schenker

squAIR-timber® - advantages at a glance

Advantages at a glance

  • 80% lighter than wood
  • 125 kg weight saving / ULD
  • 15 minutes time saving / ULD
  • static load capacity: up to 10.000 kg
  • own weight 1.2kg/m
  • in bulk purchase cheaper than wood
  • IPPC / ISPM 15 compliant
  • built for multiple use
  • manufactured of 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable
  • avoid wood disposal costs
  • the incorporation of special kraftliner connections make the material enormously resistant even against moisture!
  • made in germany
squAIR-timber® - 100% recycled material. 100% recyclable.

100% recycled material. 100% recyclable.

Our interpretation of sustainability

The squAIR-timber material is trilatec´s development and contains only raw material from sustainable sources.

The basis for the extraordinary pressure, impact and tensile strength of this material, is the incorporation of a special cold glue kraftliner connectionThe additional lamination makes this material enormously strong and gives it the astounding resistancealso against moistureThe key advantage is the lamination combined with a silicon paper coating creating a moisture-resistant barrier. This distinguishes the material significantly from conventional corrugated board products. At the same time  it is 100% recyclable.

Disposal costs as in the use of wood are avoided, since it can be disposed of after multiple usage via the paper waste. Thus squAIR-timber provides excellent economical and ecological basis for replacing wood long-term.

Worldwide unique production

100% Made in Germany

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